Hamorita Alice Hindermore, (June 1002 ACSD--September 13 1004 ACSD) was the mother of Anessa, Bonn, Ruff, and Cheerio Hindermore. She was also the wife of Henry Hindermore. Hamorita first made her appearance in the Dusty Burrows, preparing dinner for her husband and young ones.

Personality and Character TraitsEdit

Hamorita loved her children as if they were her own flesh and blood. Even though she gave them hugs and kisses and general affection, she was never shy of punishing them for wrongdoing, such as when she forbade Anessa from playing with her friend for putting Bonnie in danger. Hamorita was also fiercely protective of her father, Humberton, and she proved this when she nearly attacked Felix Andorra for insulting him.

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